Is Finland Safe to Visit?

When considering where to go on your next vacation, it is important to consider the safety of the destination.

Finland is a popular tourist destination with stunning landscapes, friendly people, and plenty of culture and history. But is it safe to visit?

Is Finland Safe to Visit?

Finland has one of the lowest crime rates in Europe, and visitors should feel safe exploring this beautiful country.

The most common crimes that occur in Finland are related to pickpocketing or theft from cars, so tourists should take precautions (such as not leaving valuables in plain sight). In general, violent crime is rare in Finland.

Finnish people tend to be very open-minded when it comes to gender equality and LGBT rights. Homosexuality was decriminalized in 1971 and same-sex marriage has been legal since 2017.

Finnish people are typically quite private but warmly welcoming towards foreigners—visitors should respect this privacy by avoiding overly personal questions or conversations.

Finland’s health care system is world-class, so visitors should have no reason for concern if they do fall ill while traveling here. To stay safe, it’s also important to familiarize yourself with local laws and customs as well as basic travel safety tips (such as avoiding large crowds at night).


In conclusion, Finland is a great place for travelers looking for a safe destination with plenty of culture and history.

With its low crime rate and a strong commitment to gender equality, LGBT rights, and excellent health care system, tourists can rest assured that their trip will be enjoyable and worry-free.

As with any destination, however, it is important for travelers to take basic safety precautions to ensure their own safety during their visit.

By following these simple tips, you can enjoy all that Finland has to offer without any worries!

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