Best Time to Visit Vienna

Vienna, the beautiful capital of Austria, is a stunning city that’s well-known for its grand architecture and vibrant culture.

With its many attractions, including the Schönbrunn Palace, the Spanish Riding School, and St. Stephen’s Cathedral, there’s always something to see and do in Vienna.

But if you’re planning a trip here, when should you go? Let’s take a look at the best times to visit Vienna.

The Summer Months

The summer months—June through August—are some of the best times to visit Vienna. During these months, temperatures are mild with plenty of sunshine so it’s perfect for sightseeing and exploring.

Most attractions will be open during this time as well as many festivals taking place throughout the city such as the Danube Island Festival, Jazz Fest Wien, and Wiener Festwochen (Vienna Festival Weeks).

However, summer is also peak tourist season in Vienna which means hotel rates will be higher than normal so make sure to book your accommodation early!

The Spring Months

March through May is another great time to visit Vienna since temperatures start to warm up but crowds are still relatively low.

You can still enjoy all of the outdoor attractions like parks and gardens without having to battle large groups of tourists or long lines at popular spots. Plus, during March there’s Fasching (Carnival) where locals dress up in costumes and celebrate with music and parades.

The Autumn Months

Autumn is also an ideal time for a trip if you don’t mind slightly cooler temperatures.

In October there is plenty of foliage around town making it especially beautiful while November brings with it events like Viennale (Vienna International Film Festival) and Christkindlmarkt (Christmas markets). Plus, hotels tend to offer lower rates during this time making it much more affordable than summertime prices.


No matter what season you choose, Vienna has something special no matter when you decide to visit!

Whether you want to enjoy some sunshine in the summer months or experience some cooler weather in autumn – Vienna has something for everyone year-round!

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