Best Time to Visit Indonesia

Indonesia is one of the most beautiful countries in Southeast Asia, boasting a range of both lush jungles and vibrant cities. It’s no wonder that many travelers flock to the country each year.

But when is the best time to visit Indonesia? Let’s explore what each season has to offer.

1. Dry Season (May – September)

The dry season in Indonesia runs from May to September, and it’s one of the best times to visit if you’re looking for sunshine and clear skies. Because this season falls outside of “peak” tourist season, you can enjoy fewer crowds and lower prices.

The downside is that during this time of year, temperatures can be extremely hot–sometimes up to 95°F (35°C). If you don’t mind the heat, then this could be a great time for you!

2. Rainy Season (October – April)

The rainy season in Indonesia runs from October through April, with December being the wettest month on average.

During this time of year, temperatures tend to be cooler than during dry season; however, rainfall can be quite heavy at times.

This means that if you plan on visiting during these months, it’s important to come prepared with rain gear and waterproof shoes. On a positive note, prices are usually cheaper during this period as well due to lower demand among tourists.

3. Shoulder Season (April – June)

The shoulder season in Indonesia lasts from April through June and offers more moderate weather than the other two seasons.

Temperatures tend to range between 68-86°F (20-30°C). Rainfall is also less prevalent compared with the rainy season, but there will still likely be some showers throughout your trip.

Prices are usually reasonable during this time as well since it falls outside peak tourist season but isn’t as wet or hot as dry or rainy seasons respectively.


No matter when you choose to visit Indonesia, there’s something magical waiting around every corner! Whether you want sun-filled days on a tropical beach or want to explore lush jungles surrounded by misty rain clouds—Indonesia has something for everyone!

To ensure that your experience is optimal depending on your preferences and budget constraints, take into account all three seasons before making your decision about when exactly you should visit the country. After all, a successful vacation starts with proper planning!

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