Best Time to Visit Carlsbad Caverns

Visiting Carlsbad Caverns is a unique experience for all visitors, regardless of when you choose to go. However, timing your visit can make a big difference in the sights you’re able to see and the experiences that await you.

In this blog post, we’ll break down the best time of year to visit Carlsbad Caverns so that you can plan your trip accordingly!

The Weather

Carlsbad Caverns National Park is located in the Chihuahuan Desert, which means it gets hot during the summer months—and can get even hotter during July and August. If you’re planning on visiting during these months, be sure to bring plenty of water and sun protection.

The temperature inside the cave remains constant throughout the year (averaging 56 degrees Fahrenheit), so if heat isn’t an issue for you then any time of year is fine for visiting!

Wildlife Viewing Opportunities

If you want to take in some of the incredible wildlife that call Carlsbad Caverns home, then spring and fall are your best bet.

During these times of the year, temperatures are more moderate and visitors have a better chance of seeing animals like bats, spiders, lizards, and birds as they emerge from their winter or summer hibernation.

That being said, animal sightings aren’t guaranteed—so if wildlife viewing is a top priority for your visit then it might be worth scheduling your trip accordingly.

Cave Exploring Opportunities

If exploring caves is what brings you to this national park then any time of year is fine for your visit.

However, if you want to explore some of the more adventurous caves at Carlsbad Caverns then late spring through early fall is typically recommended since temperatures will be more comfortable (especially since most cave exploring requires hiking).

Additionally, many areas within Carlsbad Caverns require flashlights or lamps due to limited natural light—so keep this in mind when packing for your trip!


Visiting Carlsbad Caverns National Park can be an amazing experience no matter when you decide to go—but there are certain times that may offer more advantages than others.

Timing your visit around weather patterns and wildlife viewing opportunities can help ensure that your journey through this incredible park is as enjoyable as possible!

Whether you’re looking for an adventure-filled exploration or just hoping to catch sight of some local wildlife while enjoying pleasant temperatures—there’s something special waiting around every corner at Carlsbad Caverns!

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